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Creativity: Be creative

At Sherrier we see the curriculum as a way that children can experience, develop and practice creativity as an entitlement. This will be evident in how each childs journey through the school will include working within The Arts as well as in ways to develop fluency and how to creatively link this knowledge in their work.​

We enjoy working together to teach our children to create new and exciting solutions to make our world a better place. We believe we can make a difference no matter how large or small. Our School is a place where we can experiment and take risks in order that we might better ourselves, our learning and the world we live in.  Children at Sherrier are taught to think creatively and we encourage looking at things from different viewpoints.​

This flows from our Christian character. The Bible begins with a Creator God. He brings order to the world and fills it with life. He makes human beings to be like Him, “in His image”, and gives them the task of developing this world He has made, reflecting His creativity. This includes many things people do: exploring the world, developing technology, building community, expressing beauty and truth in the arts and caring for the environment. In all these things and more we seek to nurture the creativity of the children in our school.

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