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Mrs Oxbrough, Miss Crosby, Miss Wiltshire welcome you to the Year 2 page. We are really looking forward to all the amazing, exciting learning we have planned for the year ahead. Don’t forget you can also keep in contact through our Class Dojo page (please ask if you haven’t received your invite).

Units of Work

Change: Why do we need change? 

In this unit we look at the influence of science and how it can change our lives. This unit focuses on Art and Science. 

Our class novel for the unit is;

George's Marvellous Medicine

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How do humans change the world? 

In our second unit we look at how humans change the world around us. This unit focuses on History of flight. This is our Local History tropic as we look at Frank Whittle the creator of the jet engine nearby in Lutterworth. 


Our key books for this unit are;

Little People, Big Dreams: Emelia Earhart by Maria Isabelle Sanchez 


How are the changes in our world affecting animals and what can we do to protect them? 

This is an exciting science unit when we learn about the animals in our world and what we can do to protect them from the changes humans have made to their lives and habitats

Our key books are;

The Little Book, Big Dreams: Jane Goodall by Maria Isabelle Sanchez 

Red Alert by Catherine Barr 

Little Beauty by Anthony Browne 

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry   

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