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Miss Frangos, Miss Limbert, Mrs Green, Miss Davies and Miss Cheshire welcome you to our Year 4 webpage! Keep checking in for up to date information about what we have been learning in Year 4, as well as our flash forwards into future learning.

We are really looking forward to all the amazing, exciting learning we have planned for the year ahead. Don’t forget you can also keep in contact through our Class Dojo page (please ask if you haven’t received your invite).


Units of work

Autumn term: Attrition : Changing and shaping our human and physical world 

Were the English ever really English? 

In this History unit the children study Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and consider our origins and the conflict between the tribes.

Key books in this unit are;

Riddle of the Runes by Janina Ramirez

Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton

The Vikings: raiders, Traders and the Norse information texts and historical sources. 

Spring term: How can we prepare for the Worst?
This Geography unit looks at both Physical and Human Geography. Children gain knowledge about physical landforms and structures such as volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis and discuss the impact these have on the communities who live near to them. The children will create information leaflets commissioned by a tourist cenrte to ensure any visitor will be kept safe during their trip!



Summer term: Is anywhere in the world ever really remote?

This Geography unit is again a chance to explore Physical Geography and its  impact on human beings 

Children will study The Himalayas, compare river systems in Aisa (R.Yangtze) with UK rivers (R.Trent) 

A case study id sued to understand the impact of tourism on Mount Everest 


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