At Sherrier we use Class Dojo as a communication tool for parents and behaviour feedback.

Please be aware that teachers are not available before 8am and after 5pm so cannot respond in these times.

Teachers are in class all day and will find it difficult to read your messages while teaching. If you have an urgent message please contact the office. This is particularly important with messages about drop-off and pick-up.


Here is a brief overview of how behaviour is monitored across school. You can find further detail in our Behaviour Policy, which can be found on our school website. 

Traffic lights.png

Throughout the day, children may move up and down the traffic light and we expect this to happen.  Green is where a child should remain for the majority of the school day, however they may move to yellow and red but back to green throughout the day allowing them to correct their behaviour and learn from it. 

Yellow Card – you will receive a message about why this has been given -1 point on Dojo. 
If your child has remained on Red throughout the day and have not changed their behaviour they will receive a yellow card. This will mean they lose 1 point on Class Dojo and you will receive a message explaining why. The children will receive a consequence in school, which is based upon their age. In most instances the child will miss some time from their break or lunch. 

Red Card – you will receive a message on Dojo about why this has been given – 3 points on Dojo. 
These are given to a child when the behaviour they have displayed has been severe. Some examples of these behaviours could be fighting, hurting others or damaging school property. These incidents will be explained in detail to you by the class teacher. The child will receive a consequence in school, based upon their age and the incident.