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6th January onwards

Your child's work will be uploaded daily on Class Dojo all activities are designed to be completed without the need to print. Instructions for accessing work on Class Dojo can be found here

5th January 2021

An example of our daily timetable in school is:

Maths - Break - Literacy - Times Tables Practice- Lunch- Reading time - Topic



Please click the link below, select the relevant week (it will say 'Current Week'), the relevant lesson (it reads from left to right then down, left to right then down).



Please click on the link below for lessons based on Literacy skills for Year 4.

Spelling punctuation and grammar Task 1 Y4

Practising the Piano - Comprehension

Please feel free to complete the work on any paper you have at home and send a photo on the portfolio section on Dojo.


Have a go at the challenge sheets below.


Times tables Challenge 1

Times tables Challenge 2



As it is Tuesday, it will still be P.E for Year Four!


We have a few options, weather dependent.

If it is raining, please use the cosmic yoga from this link and give this your best go


If you have an opportunity to go outside try and stretch your muscles.

Run a few laps of your garden or area you have to keep warm. 

Grab a ball (or a pair of socks rolled up) and practice your throwing in the air and catching skills. 

When you have mastered 5 catches in a row without dropping the ball, try and clap before you catch.

Build this up see how many times you can clap and catch the ball. If you drop it, go back to one clap. 

When you have done this. Find a wall close by and try and bounce it off and catch. Try this with one hand and alternate them.

When this is done, create an obstacle course with objects you have. Try using different movements to get around. Side-steps, skipping, jumping, walking, jogging etc. Try and get around this the best way possible!


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