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Compassion: Be compassionate​

This centres around care for ourselves, care for others and care for the world. However, we would like children to understand how to take action to support others in any way they can.​


Care for ourselves: This is connected not only to health and hygiene but to care for our own mental health and wellbeing. In an ever-changing technological world, we will focus on teaching children to stay safe online as well as how they can keep themselves road- and water-safe and have an awareness of their own personal safety.​

Care for others: We are proud of the relationships that develop between the children and staff at Sherrier. We always go the ‘extra mile’ for our families and provide personalised pastoral care for children and adults alike. Our families are always generous when giving to chosen charities and children are always keen to help others in many other ways.​

Care for the World: An integral part of the curriculum is to support children to be articulate and effective problem-solvers. We are raising awareness of current global issues and what action we must take to care for the world and the people in it.​


This flows from our Christian character. The Bible tells of what has gone wrong with the good world God has made. But it also tells how in His great compassion He planned to put things right. Despite the way people turned away from Him, He did not give up. His love drove Him to act to reconcile people to Himself and to heal a broken world. So great is His compassion that He went to the furthest possible lengths imaginable: God the Son becomes human to die for us, so we might be forgiven and this world made whole.​


We hope to reflect this kind of heart of compassion in the life of our school. It is a compassion that cares for the suffering and that draws in the outsider. It is a generous compassion that goes the extra mile for others. It is a compassion that even reaches out to those who have done wrong, seeking reconciliation and restoration.

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